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You're a witch who's discovered the power of the Notion app...

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Meet: Your Witchypedia Template


Take a set of Legos, and give each Lego-brick the power of a Wikipedia.

And you’ve got Notion. 

The moment you realized HOW much this app could do, I bet (like me) – you were drooling over the witchy possibilities.

Aka - you knew you NEEDED to build your ULTIMATE digital Book of Shadows

Do you love to deep dive witchy spellcasty magickal research?

Okay – is this you? 

500+ tabs open. 

Every single article you can find about an astrology sign, a tarot card, a spell ingredient, is open – waiting for you to absorb its knowledge. 

Then your browser crashes, and you lost EVERYTHING, because no mere browser can hold the power of your Witchy brain. 

That’s why I built The Witchypedia. 

A home for your “witch brain.”

What's in a Witchypedia...

Okay so – I’m OBSESSED with correspondences.


I love how life is interconnected and you can use how ingredients correspond to themes to create your own spells.

The moment I understood the power of “relational databases” in the Notion app (aka, you fill-out-one-part, and it updates-another-part)… I knew EXACTLY what I had to build.

The “Fills-Itself-Out” grimoire.

You fill out an ingredients with it’s themes, related god/desses, astrology, and more – and it AUTO-MAGICKALLY updates all the items you filled out.

Then, when you go to cast a spell – just click the “theme” you’re looking for. 

BAM. All your relevant ingredients.

Or maybe you’re doing it the opposite way – you know you’ve got cinnamon, rosemary, or maybe time. 

Click the ingredient. BAM. All the relevant themes. 

With Notion’s automatic connection magick, you can SEE how magick works, how it grows, and how YOUR particular magick works.

Save time and make MORE magick, with the Witchypedia template

Ready to stop the forever-tabs and start making more magick, consistently? Get…

The "My Witchypedia" Template

Take back the power of your Book of Shadows and make it EXTRA magick, with Notion!

Bonuses, Bonuses!

Notion Nuts & Bolts Course

Know you have MORE you want to learn about Notion, since you just heard about it and it sounds like THE BEST THING EVER. 

You’ll learn the delightful ins and outs of Notion with the Notion Nuts & Bolts course, a free bonus to help you kick ass with your Witchypedia template!

Witchy Spotify Oracles!

Want some mood music as you fill out your witchy? I got you covered. Aside from mood music, you can also use this Witchy Spotify Oracle playlists AS AN ORACLE! Use these playlists to enhance all magickal workings, or as inspiration for your own witchy playlists.

I'm so touched by Cherry's lighthearted, genuine, deep healing work. I can't look away. You've unleashed something powerful that the magickal world desperately needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Anne C.

Build Your External Witch Brain & Make More Magick!

Save time, save brain space, learn how to make more magick (and make YOUR magick) – all with the Witchypedia template.

Witch in a Weekend Titles (1)

The Ultimate Notion Template for Witches

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You purchase, and as soon as you do that, you'll get an email with your MAGICK LINK to get your Witchypedia template.

Step 2

You'll journey into Sparklemore, my school of magick - This is where you'll access to your Witchypedia template and the video tour!

Step 3

You'll duplicate your template to your Notion account, and learn how to use it via the free video mini-course that comes with this template.

Step 4

Start filling out your Witchypedia, and completely change how you witch YOUR way!

Aside from Notion fans, Who is this template useful for?

Broom Closet Witches

You’ll be able to keep your Witchypedia secret, and even build an altar that you can access FROM YOUR PHONE.

Digital books, audio, your favorite videos – all of it can live in secret in your Witchypedia!

Technological Witches

If you don’t like to write by hand, you can collect & info dump ALL your favorite resources from with this template. 

If you’ve ever shouted “I’VE WAITED YEARS FOR SOMEONE TO ASK ME ABOUT MY THEORIES!” – and want the data-backed proof to back them up –  you’re gonna love the Witchypedia.

Perfectionist Witches

Perfection is the enemy of progress, and I think we’ve all felt that moment where we get the most beautiful notebook – THE ONE, THE ONE THAT WILL FINALLY BE OUR BOOK OF SHADOWS – only to fear writing in it . 

No need to fear – with the Witchpedia, all mistakes can be easily deleted with the click of a button.

Super Crafty Witches

Do you drool when you see any heirloom grimoire in a witch movie? Want to make your own Witchy Book that you pass down for years to come? 

You can gather ALL the information that you want to put into your heirloom book and collect it in the Witchypedia, and take only the best-of-the-best for your beautiful book.

This is such a smart, well put together, blending of science and soul that creates magic. Cherry's a true alchemist.

- Rebecca L.

HI, I'm Cherry...


AKA Your Cherry Godmother

I teach new witches old tricks and old witches new tricks, by way of tarot, astrology, and spell crafting, while cracking jokes and singing songs along the way.

I’m not your typical fairy godmother – I’m something between a Ms. Frizzle-meets-Mary Poppins, and a giant salt-bae pinch of Elvira.

I teach you how to double-dutch between skepticism and spirituality to make your magick better and more effective!

I’m a 2nd generation witch who grew up learning about the occult, and a library of 2000 occult books. (Yes, I am living that Belle dream-life.)

This gives me a unique opportunity for deep research in all areas esoteric and occult, compare and contrast, and get you the best of the best without the information overwhelm. 

Let me do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best – making magick! 

Coming across Cherry's course has been such a blessing. She has been such an amazing teacher. She brings such a vibrant energy, and really makes you want to learn. Her lessons are SO clear, and they are informative, and change your way of thinking. And it makes it all so much more fun, just exciting to learn. It makes me want to keep learning!

- Jessica A.

What's in a Witchypedia?!

The "Fills-Itself-Out" Grimoire

Literally the entire reason I built this.

When you add an ingredient’s correspondence to your Notion database, it’ll automatically connect them. 

You can start to SEE how magick works, how it grows, and how YOUR particular magick works (especially with the “TAGS” system, that you can connect to ANY bit of your Witchypedia.) 

Watch this video above to see how to use the “fills-itself-out” grimoire in action. This is a magick GAME-CHANGER!

Your Astrology EVERYTHING!

Want to DEEP dive your astrology knowledge? 

Collect your blog posts, your memes, and everything in-between with the interconnected astrology system. 

In fact, you can design your WHOLE FUH-REAKING DESTINY with the Dashboard of Destiny – use that whole interconnected correspondences database in a beautifully design and freakin’ USEFUL way to see all your breadcrumbs of destiny in one place. 

I made this for witches to REALLY deep dive into who they are, what they’re about, why they’re here, and to start SYNTHESIZING their whole understanding of themselves. 

Tarot, Oracle, Runes, Oh my!

What’s your daily message from each, from all, from just one? 


But – what if there was an easier way? (YA DON’T SAY, BOB!) 

YES!!! There is the Witchypedia and it’s tarot set up – do Daily Draws, see what cards keep coming up – and then see the robust connective networks of symbology that’s interwoven into your experience of consciousness and see what’s going on from the inside out. 

You’ll have ALL the data at your finger tips, not just a bullet journal entry of “pulled the tower, yet AGAIN, gee I wonder what that could mean as a stalker card.” (I see you, Saturn Returnses.) 

You’ll be able to check the keywords system that allows you to see ALL the connections throughout all of your Witchypedia, to see what’s going on in your little slice of existence through your digital brain meets Book of Shadows. 

Spell Tracking Systems

Uhhhhhh – comprehensive data on WHAT SPELLS WORK so you can start to radically upgrade your magickal self by manifesting with methods that WORK instead of chasing the latest trend ?

Creating goals, systems, having fun, mixing it up, making GOD DAMN MAGICK. 

That’s why I created the Witchypedia. 

I want you to make as much freaking magick as POSSIBLE, because the world needs you steeped in all your magickal glory, doing as much witchy shit and really stepping into 1000000% of your glorious power. 

Be the bad witch that you are, the good witch that you are, and everything in-be-freaking-tween with the Witchypedia template! 

Ga-ORGEOUS templates!

I went a little extra and made some GORGEOUS elemental templates with the basic element correspondences looped in. 

Keep it, change it – make it YOURS. 

Really. That’s the best part. 

This is completely amazing AS IS.

Or. You could strip it bare bones and re-build to your own exact needs using our completely separate “structures” area, an area that lets you keep all your data and databases tucked nice and neatly away, while you build gorgeous templates to surface any relevant information you need. 

(And if ANY of this Notion lingo is above your head – got you covered with the Notion Nuts & Bolts course, a free bonus that you get as part of the My Witchypedia template.) 

Videos on how to USE the dang thing already

Ummmm – so you wanna actually take this baby for a drive, but you’ve never used Notion or are just starting on your Notion journey? 

Luckily, there’s a free mini video course on HOW to use the Witchypedia template that’s a free gift for purchasing the Witchypedia template, AND the bonus “Notion Nuts & Bolts Course” – to get you from Notion Novice to Maser (Notion) Magician! 


Do I need to know anything about Notion to do this course?

Nope! I teach you how to use template, and thus, the Notion app, as you take the course!

Do I have to pay for Notion?

Nope! While there are paid options, all you need is the free account to use your Witchypedia.

Do I have to use the pre-made layouts?

Nope! The REAL meaty details, the real magic, is the interwoven databases in the “structures” page. You can surface these interwoven databases in any way, shape, or form you like.

I provided pre-made templates in case you want to just plug-and-play, but PLEASE take this, make something cool, and then show me what you’re making and tag me over at @cherryfizzy on IG.

Can I purchase, check it out, and then get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of the Witchypedia – we do not offer refunds.

Look, you’re probably gonna drop more on your morning Starbies this week than this template, and by using this template, you’ll master your magick to all the Starbies you could ever want. 👀

Do I need anything special for this course?

Nope! You just need yourself, and the free Notion account you’ll sign up for to get your template.

Does this come pre-filled out?

Nope, because your magick is YOUR magick.

This is a tool to help you discover, uncover, and enjoy making YOUR unique magickal imprint work for you.

How long do I get access for?

You get lifetime access to the template & mini-course, and you can access through the Sparklemore course hub.

How do I get my hands on the "My Witchpedia" template?

Awesome question, super easy answer: Click here and you’ll get access to the “My Witchypedia” template! 

This template was a LOT of work putting together, probably 80+ hours of testing, tweaking, and finalizing, to get you the most ULTIMATE Book of Shadows upgrade to help you Witch YOUR Way!

Cherry is just so vibrant. She is very sweet, so enthusiastic to teach people and make their lives better. The amount of pep talks, just the way she spoke to us. The community is great, it's something I really enjoyed!

- Deana B.

Let's recap what you get with...

Witch in a Weekend Titles (1)

The Ultimate Notion Template for Witches

One-time payment of


Cherry taught everything in a way that I connected with I feel like she made everything connect, and brought [the information] all together perfectly. And now I'm looking at my cards and seeing them and understanding them as I've never done before!

- Julia B.

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